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Eagle Harness

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Developed by Badr Tactical the Eagle Harness (patent pending) answers the call to provide Point of Injury Care (POI) to operational K9.

Combining Military and Law Enforcement input the Eagle is designed as an organic POI care harness. Everything a regular K9 harness needs but with a build it medical kit. Minimal footprint reducing heat retention, interchangeable inserts, low profile to avoid snags and confined spaces. Most importantly, balanced and flexible not hinder K9 performance.

*Operational K9 Medical Harness for point of Injury care. Ideal for both handler and K9

*Load to mission requirements 

*Custom insert available 

*Size: Fits most MWD/LEO K9 (50-105lbs)

*Ideal for:

  • Military/LEO working dog
  • Officer Down
  • Search & Rescue
  • Service Animals
  • Space Force

*Multicam (+20$)

*Medical supplies + $130 USD

*MSPR: $550.USD (Medical Supplies Included)

*MSPR: $450.USD (Medical Supplies NOT Included)

**Kryptek Inferno is for demonstration only and is not available** 

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