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Agitation Muzzle MWD/LEO <1>

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K9 Leather Agitation Police Dog Muzzle with custom paint and leather modification for agitation and muzzle work. Top grade leather, steel reinforced nose piece removed. Felt padding for the dog's comfort and safety. Nose port for increased airflow & rewards during training. Made in the USA.

This police dog muzzle has one options for the neck strap:
1) The one you're getting. 

This is the only painted profile we offer at the moment. Each muzzle is done free hand in the dark under NOD's. Sale of this item if final due to its custom design and paint job. 

How to Determine Muzzle Size: Ask your dog. If this still uncertain read below.
1) measure from the tip of the nose to the eyes (length of muzzle).
2) measure around the muzzle at the widest part (girth of muzzle).

Agitation Police Dog Muzzle Sizes:
Small (length 4" x girth 11") - Small Mal or Small Shepherd
Medium (length 4" x girth 12") - Medium Mal or Small Shepherd
Large (length 4" x girth 13") - Large Mal or Medium Shepherd
X-Large (length 4" x girth 14") - Large Shepherds

Model: 9652A

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