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K-9 Collar 1.75"

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The go-to choice when training or working with your K-9. Ideal heavy-duty construction for Military and Law Enforcement Working K-9. Manufactured from Type 13 nylon webbing with a V-ring attachment point. Organic 4.5" bar tacked handle for a secure hold. Rated Cobra Buckle for a secured attachment point. This collar is ideal for aggressive agitation work and training.


1.75″ Pro Style Cobra Buckle rated to 18kN

1.75″ Mil-Spec Webbing rated to 7,000 lbs

1.75" V-Ring Clip-in Point rated to 5,000 lbs

4.5" Handle 


14"- 23" (Regular)

16"- 26" (Large)


MSRP: $75.99

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