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K-9 Eagle Harness

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Developed by Badr Tactical the patented Eagle Harness answers the call to provide Point of Injury Care (POI) to operational K-9.

Combining Military and Law Enforcement input the Eagle is designed as an organic POI care harness. Everything a regular K-9 harness needs but with a build it medical kit. Minimal footprint reducing heat retention, interchangeable inserts, low profile to avoid snags and confined spaces. Most importantly, balanced and flexible not hinder K-9 performance. Ideal for both handler and K-9 trauma needs.

Interchange the contents to meet specific operation requirements 

Insert can be customized for retention of specific items for hander or K-9. Contact us at  

Size: Regular (50-90lbs), X-Large (75-115lbs)

Ideal for:

  • Military/LEO working dog
  • Officer Down
  • Search & Rescue
  • Service Animals
  • Space Force

MSPR: $550.USD (Medical Supplies Included)

MSPR: $450.USD (Medical Supplies NOT Included)

**Kryptek Inferno is for demonstration only and is not available** 

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