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The SPEAR is a drop and offset platform allowing additional mounting of two magazines. The patented design allows reloading with one hand. Ideal for ballistic shield operators, K-9 handlers and emergency reloads. Holsters directly mount to the platform (holster sold separately).  Belt tunnel accommodates standard LEO Duty Belt while able to be spaced for 1.5" low profile wear. The SPEAR should be used in addition to opposing side magazine carrier and not as a replacement. Included hardware should be thread locked. After assembly adjust magazine tension to preference. Visit us on our YouTube channel for instructional video's. 

Belt loop:

  • Belt Tunnel: 2.45" x 0.5" 
  • Preset spacing 1.5 inches.
  • Quick Disconnect By Blackhawk
  • Safariland Quick Release System (QRS)

    Mounting Pattern fits most: 

    • Blackhawk 
    • Safariland
    • G-Code
    • Blade Tech
    • S & S Precision
    SPEAR Mag Cover Plate (MCP) Compatibility 

             SIG MCP:                                                             Glock MCP:
              H&K: VP9                                                             GLK 9/40
            S&W: M&P 9mm                                                   H&K: USP
           Walter: PPQ M2 9mm
        Spring Field: XD 9mm
       Canik Century Arms: TP9
            Beretta: M9A3
                   • P-10C / P-9 / 75-B
                   • 75-B

    Sig Sauer: P-320 / P-226 (9/40 cal.)

                     • Security-9 mag
                     • SR40 / SR40-C / SR9 /SR9-C

      Purchase includes SPEAR  + one (1) MCP. Hardware included.


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